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PostSubject: RULES FROM ADMIN   Tue Aug 03, 2010 5:48 pm

these are the rules i want no spams withoout admins promiton to no porn all these lead to beinng BANNED FOR A WEEK

next rule is no cusing

these r some rules that lead to bane cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: RULES FROM ADMIN   Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:27 am

ok heres my rules i wond use

The Site Rules

The Site:

1. You have 1 account not more 10 days IP-Ban
2. As you are a admin dont hack the site 4 ever IP-ban + account delete
3. Dont post VIP codes on your/other site 20 days IP-Ban


1. As you are admin dont make other/friends members a higher rank with NO permission of the Big Boss of the site (My) 10 days IP-ban + your rank is: Biggest Noob Ever
2. Dont bully people because you have a higher rank I will see how much people you have bulled etc.
3. Respect for other ranks
4. Dont abuse with any ranks!! IP-Ban


1. Don't bully other members. I will look
2. Respect for other members.
3. Don't send a virus to another member. 4 ever IP-Ban
4. Hold the site clean.
5. Don't ask VIP cheats.
6. Don't cursed other members. 30 days IP-Ban


1. Don't steal cheats from anotherown. Can do 3 times other acc-Ban
2. Don't credit a cheat that not from you come. I will see
3. No porn or other links in the topic's. I will see
4. Don't set links from your/other site in your topic.
5. No Spamming


1. No porn picture's. IP-Ban
2. No dangers links. IP-Ban
3. No links from your/another site in your signature
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